Simply comment below telling us which case you love the most!

Thanks so much to the very talented Amanda Serra for these amazing designs!

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January 13, 2016 by Bruno Aschidamini



Jess said:

both…but #2 best!! Very cute


Paige said:

Love them both, but #2 just a bit more. Save the Fishies!!!

Milan Austin

Milan Austin said:

Love #1 !!!! Turtles are my fave!!

Can you guys make cases for Galaxy S7 as well? Hoping you’re not exclusive to iPhone that would be a disappointment


Carson said:

Love them both, but #2 represents a little better.


Kristian said:



Amy said:

I love #1. Nothing screams beach like a Sea Turtle


Rachel said:

Both, but there’s already a sea turtle case so I think #2 :)


Jennifer said:

Love #1


Kayla said:

Love both! But the second one is definitely my fav.


Dawn said:

#1, Love the turtle.


SaraGrace said:

Embodies the mission!
Deja Adams

Deja Adams said:

I love these cases, they look amazing. I wish they were not sold out.


Izzy said:

1 i love it


Carla said:

is the best

Carla said:

is the best

Abigail said:

I love both but #2 is my fav!

Kathryn. Serra

Kathryn. Serra said:

Love. Please make one for 6 plus. Thank you

shauna stiles

shauna stiles said:

1 is so simple like the brand!

sharon cretsinger

sharon cretsinger said:

I am still waiting on a refund for an item I returned in September. No one will answer my emails. When they do, they are very rude. I really liked one of the products, and said so, The other one (round towel) was just too over-priced for what it was. I sent a very nice email explaining that I would even like one of the over-sized square towels as an exchange. Customer service has been very rude and has not responded to me on the status of my return in many days. Feeling ripped off.

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