Where do you call home?

Satellite Beach, FL.

Favorite movie?

Surfs Up!

What is the biggest fear of Emily Zeck?

Getting poked too hard in the belly button and having it go right through me.

If you could move to anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Kauai!!!! Great surf and great vibes.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

Things change whether we like them to or not. Becoming attached to things as they are or pushing things away that we don't like does not stop them from changing. It only leads to further suffering.

That’s awesome! What are some of your hobbies?

Surfing, traveling, adventuring, playing music, singing, writing music, surfing, surfing, surfing.

We love our surfer girls! So, what inspires you?

Everyone in my life, no matter what impact they had on my life, has inspired me in some way. Everyone in my life is either a blessing or a lesson, and they have all shaped me to become who I am today and who I will be in the future. A blessing is a waste if taken for granted, and a misfortune can not be a misfortune if it's acted upon positively. I do not wish to be exactly like a particular person, but I wish to be the kind of person my seven-year-old self would admire.

That is truly inspiring! So who is your role model?

My mother: she's sure as heck not perfect, but that woman has enough love in her heart to fill the ocean.

How has social media help your career?

Social Media used to serve as a friendship keeper for me. However, once I realized I could share my story and my music through videos and pictures for the world to see, I saw it as a marketing opportunity. Not only has my music career gotten off its feet, but I am networking with some amazing people across the nation. Over social media, we share products, stories, and histories. Having these great connections has not only gotten all of us publicity, but it's opened a number of doors for future career options and story-sharing. The online world is very responsive, and if we use it to our advantage, we can make great things happen in our world. Spread good vibes!

What is your dream job?

I guess I should have a back-up job in case being a mermaid doesn't work out...I really enjoy networking with companies, and I could see myself on the coast of Kauai working with companies that spread good vibes and great products that fit my beach lifestyle! Not 100% sure where I want to go with my life, but that's perfectly okay.

LOL! Well you could definitely pursue being a mermaid after your day job! Lastly, where does Emily Zeck see herself in 5 years?

Hopefully somewhere exotic! I love traveling and experiencing everything the world has to offer. I'm not sure where I will be career-wise, but I know I won't be tied down.

You can find Emily at:

Instagram: emilyannzeck

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May 13, 2015 by Bruno Aschidamini



hi said:

How old is she? Does she was popular at school? How old is sheee

Emily Zeck

Emily Zeck said:

I am 19

Eli McKinney

Eli McKinney said:

What is the most inspiring song for you??

anna dicasagrande

anna dicasagrande said:

what are the ukulele chords for your song Pacific Blue??


Alejna said:

From where do you love pineapples?


Jacqueline said:

What’s your ethnicity ?

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