Snapchat is on the rise to becoming our number ONE interactive social media platform. Using snapchat gives us the opportunity to communicate with our followers on more of a personal level. We wanted to give you guys an inside look into our inspiration and purpose behind each snap. One of the best parts about working with the Sand Cloud team is that we get to have fun and be creative while using snapchat to share our beach lifestyle and spread good vibes. Although we’ve been using snapchat for over a year now, our following has recently started increasing within the last month.

What once started out as simple pictures of beach sunsets has now grown into giving a closer look into our every day adventures with our favorite sand cloud products. With over 5,000 views per snap, it is essential to put our all into every story we create to keep you guys engaged. As you guys can see, each snap is unique and takes time to create. Not only is it awesome when you guys watch our snaps but the best part is receiving responses from you. Anywhere from pictures/videos about your day to questions about products, we love getting the chance to reply back. We are beyond stoked to share our daily adventures with you guys via snapchat & if you’re not already following us be sure to check us out @Sand_Cloud

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November 11, 2015 by SC Staff




The best part about your snapchat is the amount of snaps you have adventuring! Makes my life more interesting:)


Grace said:

love it! I started following you guys on snapchat as soon as a saw a post about it several months ago. I love seeing sand cloud adventures! ??

Yvonne Rong

Yvonne Rong said:

I love the music choices and the amazing videos of the beaches!


Kesh said:

Loving the current collab with @kdsdreamcatchers x


Macey said:

Love when you put sunglasses on the towels and make them act like people adventuring!! Totally adorable <3


Bella said:

loving the current collab and the the dye colors!!!xx

Ashley Purvis

Ashley Purvis said:

I love getting seeing all the beautiful locations on your snapchat stories! Especially when I’m stuck in a laboratory at work for 8 hours!


audree said:

I love the little sneak peeks of new items and the collab works. I also love that you guys are so active and take all of us on so many fun adventures?!

Jade Hulme

Jade Hulme said:

This video makes me want to go out and take pictures and the music choice is great as Well! It is cool how much fun you guys have adventuring! I am so in love with your towels!

Jenna Russo

Jenna Russo said:

I love seeing all the adventures you guys go on and the beautiful sights that you encounter! It inspires me to get outside and explore :)


Nicole said:

I love the choice in the music!!! Feeling the good vibes with sand cloud! The recent collab with kdsdreamcatchers was amazing love how you guys showed the process of the towels being made!!! ?


karly said:

I really enjoy seeing the different collaborations you do and watching the adventures you go on! the little clips of the towels interacting are really cute too!


Kaila said:

The tie dye and the surfboard were my favorite. Just seeing the hard work put into everything (how its all by hand) really is inspiring ❤️❤️??


Olivia said:

i love the different locations you go to and all of the gorgeous towels that i wished i had! ??


Savannah said:

I love the different locations! So cool? And all the different towels! Definitely in love??


Savannah said:

Love this! Love the different locations and all the different towels! So cool! Definitely in love??


Jerica said:

I am in love with all of the Sandcloud products! They are gorgeous. I enjoy seeing all of the snapchats you make.

Kenzey Calderone

Kenzey Calderone said:

My favorite things is when the towels go get food for the photoshoots!! ??


Kalei said:

ahh! love, love, love the different beaches!! also the towels cause it goes soo great with the beach ;)

Mackenzie Grumbine

Mackenzie Grumbine said:

The beach scenes were my favorite :)

Marie-Pier Leduc

Marie-Pier Leduc said:

Love the colourful towels and all the beaches!

Alyssa b

Alyssa b said:

I love the surfboard one! It’s super inspiring and the board turned out perfect! The snaps making my day much more exciting

Sierra Webster

Sierra Webster said:

Love how active you guys are on your snapchat! The feed is super vibrant and interactive!


Lexie said:

I love sand cloud and all the cute towels ! Sand cloud snapchats are the best , they’re the cutest and they are so happy and uplifting . Sand Cloud ? Sand Cloud ? Snapchat’s because they make people feel happy. Sand Cloud ? is amazing and their Snapchat is great too because I have a chance to see you what’s going on, it’s like a seat. My favorite part about Snapchat for Sand Cloud ? was when they made tie-dye stuff because I learn how to do tie-dye , and because it was so pretty . Also my favorite part about the Snapchat for Sand Cloud ? Also my favorite part about the Snapchat for Sand Cloud ? was that they made the surfboard. The surfboard was so pretty and the design was amazing. My favorite thing was those two because they taught me how to be more artsy and they taught me how to tie dye as always to draw whatever the issue on the surfboard. It was so pretty ! Maybe when I’m trying to say is I love skunk loud snap chats because they teach you something and because they always have an uplifting pretty much message for you to see you and to make your day. Lastly you get to pretty much travel with you to s Maymie what I’m trying to say is I love skunk loud snap chats because they teach you something and because they always have an uplifting pretty much message for you to see you and to make your day. Lastly you get to pretty much travel with and you see different places without even having to leave home.


Rhianna said:

I love seeing your snapchats everyday, it’s one of the best parts of my day :) getting to see all the adventures you have and the beautiful beaches you find and the amazing towels you guys have. I loved seeing the surf board made and I coudnt wait for the regular updates on how it looked and the finishing product and when you did the collaboration with kdsdreamcathcers and the towels you created with them! I definitely feel the good vibes and positivity and awesome lifestyle xx


Terri said:

I love seeing the @Sand_Cloud Snapchat stories because they’re so beachy! I live in a cold, suburban environment, and seeing your Snaps brightens by day. Also, I love how Snapchat allows us as customers and fans to communicate closely with Sand Cloud. I check my Snapchat a lot throughout the day, so it’s really neat and awesome to stay updated on what goes on behind the scenes of my favorite towels! ❤???


audrey said:

I love you guys so much! the cute bags, stickers, towels, water bottles! what your doing is really great! #savethefishies

sharon cretsinger

sharon cretsinger said:

I am still waiting on a refund for an item I returned in September. No one will answer my emails. When they do, they are very rude. I really liked one of the products, and said so, The other one (round towel) was just too over-priced for what it was. I sent a very nice email explaining that I would even like one of the over-sized square towels as an exchange. Customer service has been very rude and has not responded to me on the status of my return in many days. Feeling ripped off.

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