How to tie tassels on a turkish towel?!

There is nothing worse than having a really cute towels tassels come undone!

So we put together a quick video showing you how to tie a tassel! Here are the 4 easy steps to re-tie your tassels.


1. Separate the area that you are tying (usually a 1 inch section)

2. Split the untied tassels into 2 sections the same size

3. Twist each section independently of each other

4. Twist the split sections together.

5. Tie a overhand knot on the tip


July 11, 2016 by SC Staff


Mary L Brown

Mary L Brown said:

thanks good to know if my tassels come undone. again thanks


Rom said:


Sharon Cretsinger

Sharon Cretsinger said:

I am still waiting on a refund for an item I returned in September. No one will answer my emails. When they do, they are very rude. I really liked one of the products, and said so, The other one (round towel) was just too over-priced for what it was. I sent a very nice email explaining that I would even like one of the over-sized square towels as an exchange. Customer service has been very rude and has not responded to me on the status of my return in many days. Feeling ripped off.

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